Sunday, June 5, 2011

Google Will No Longer Support Older Browsers after from 1st August

Google apps has decided to drop support for the older versions of browsers from 1st August. So all the users which are using IE 7 , Mozilla Firefox 3.5 , Safari 3 or their older version can not access some functions or ma be the entire service of the Gmail, Google Docs , Google Calender, Google Talk, Google Sites.

Google has taken this step to stop the usage of outdated and older browsers that are insecure and lacking the latest features. Whenever the latest version of any browser will released Google will drop support for third oldest version.

So if you are using the older version of any browser mentioned above then you need to update your browser to the latest versions of these browsers. Here are the download links for latest browsers.
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Google has made these changes because whenever they will start any service or make any compatibility test then they will test only for the latest versions of Browsers.

On the other hand the Mozilla Firefox , Microsoft and Apple has started the campaigns to stop the usage of Older versions of browsers.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Google get ready to launch social circles

Google is ready to make another attempt to break the social networking market called 'Google Circles'.

According to ReadWriteWeb, Google plans to unveil a new product called Google social circles in the South by Southwest interactive conference later today. It will allow users to share links; photos and video mash like Twitter and Facebook, except with more attention to various social people, hence the name.

ReadWriteWeb's Marshall Kirkpatrick explains, it will allow people to share pictures, videos and status messages with people in their social circle. Google's site will be unique; the speculation goes, as it seeks to understand how our relations with our different friend’s social networking decide how truly close to them that we are, so adjust the amount of content that we share with these people.

Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks have broken down all the settings in a large bucket. We talked to our "friends" at once, regardless of what you might say a group of people or another. And so often feel less comfortable as they say nothing at all.

Google's preceding attempt on a social network, Google Buzz, was a PR disaster, revealing users' Gmail contact lists to each one they had ever matched with. Google then created a fund to help groups of private education. Buzz still exists, but its early problems meant he did not have the market penetration of its other products.