Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What You Need To Know About Directory Submission?

Do you own a website? Have you tried all the methods to generate traffic to your website. One of the methods which used by webmasters to increase the credibility of their website is directory submission. A web directory is a website which is divided into different categories and sub-categories. Webmasters submit their website to the directory for the purpose building backlinks pointing to their website. Number of quality one way links is one of the criteria which is used by search engines to rank their websites. Greater will be number of the backlinks pointing towards the website better will be the rank on the search engine result page.

There are two types of methods which people use to submit their website to the web directories. The first method is automatic submission with the help of software. This method is fast and does not need so much time and effort. The second method is manual submission. This method is bit difficult and needs time but this method is preferred by webmasters and SEO experts.

Building backlinks is a slow process. If you will try to fasten this process your website can be banned by the search engines. Nowadays you can also find many SEO firms which offer directory submission at reasonable prices. A good SEO firm can save lot of money and time for you. Always remember that the benefits of directory submission are long lasting. If you want to generate more traffic to your website then you have to use different techniques in proper way.



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tiherp said...

Yes, this is true that if you make your link directory submission process faster, your site can be banned from the search engine. This is why you must consider the time a SEO firm is offering to complete your service. Go for manual submission.