Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are SEO Rates Increasing or Decreasing ?

As search engine optimization has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years from individuals, to small business owners, to the largest corporations in the world implementing SEO tactics, the question is if the rate for this service is increasing or decreasing?

SEO without a doubt is a skill. Many have made great careers out of it, many have made millions of dollars out of it, and now many are getting into it. With hundreds of blogs and forums discussing SEO, the information to optimize is out there, but if you’re not deep in the game (up-to-date) you wont reach the level of success you need.

Its hard to put a price on SEO since I’m not even sure there is an industry standard. You have individuals having their rates, in-house companies hiring for optimization of their website, and than you have the large agencies who charge companies for SEO.

How can you put a price on getting good rankings. We all know (for those that have achieved it or paid for it) a number #1-4 position in Google for a high volume keyword will literally make your business explode over night. Until this day, I dont know anyone whose reached the level of success that my partners had doing SEO (I’m sure others have as well) for such competitive keywords but would never accept outside work. Why do it for someone else when you can do it for yourself?

With the growing demand of small business and medium size business wanting SEO, there has been a growing amount of “SEOs”. Now, depending on the companies budget, you can get pay for your good SEO or have Joe Shmo abroad doing your SEO work which most likely will amount to you spending the little money you have and showing nothing for it. Let’s face it, go to eLance and see how many shmocks are promoting SEO services that offer web submission services, etc.

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