Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seo Needed Adsense Techniques

1. Find a topic you can create a two part article on. Write part one of your articles and place it on a page on your website. Place Google Adsense ads next to your article. Next you will want to create part two of your article and make sure to make reference to your first article in your second article. Take part two of your article and submit it to ezine publishers, and article directories.

Using this technique, part two of your article will drive traffic to part one of your article. In this way you will profit when someone clicks on your Google Adsense ads when visiting the web page that you have part one of your article on.

2. Create a site that is related to your market that has nothing on it but good quality content about a popular topic in your market. Make sure that you place Google Adsense ads on the site also. You'll then offer ezine publishers and ad on one of the pages of your site if they'll mention your site to their subscribers. Make sure they know they'll benefit by other ezines publishers sending traffic to your site. Their subscribers will be exposed to those ads also. You'll profit from the earnings you earn by people clicking on your Google Adsense ads.

This technique is profitable for everyone involved. I haven't seen anyone using it so be a pioneer and watch this technique explode your Google Adsense income!

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