Monday, October 13, 2008

How to Optimize a News Release with Video

Readership is viewership these days, as video is now getting into press releases. Jiyan Wei, Interactive Product Manager for Vocus (the company that owns the popular news wire service PRWeb), shares with us the advantages of embedding video and doing Video SEO for an online news release. Listen below to the audio of our interview, and read the full article.

Audio interview contents

Background Vocus/PR Web
Advantages of having embedded video in a news release.
The limitations currently with online video in news releases, and how they’re being handled.
Video SEO Tips for online news releases. (Including client example.)
The future of online video in news releases.
Advantages of video in a news release

According to a report by the Online Publishers Association, over 52% of viewers exposed to an online video ad then took some form of action (click on a link, visit a website, etc.) – a considerably higher figure than ads and web pages without video.

“Video has a very direct effect on what people do once they read your news. Video can be very action-oriented and action-driven, and it can have an impact far beyond what a text-only news release can offer.” Says Wei.

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