Friday, January 2, 2009

101 Blogging Tips I’ve Learned in 2008

1. Choose WordPress
2. If you use blogspot, get your own domain
3. Choose the right hosting provider
4. If possible, have keywords on your domain
5. Use dashes for long domain name
6. Opt for .com or .net and avoid the rest
7. Have the post-install checklist
8. Optimize your permalink
9. Plugins does wonder to your blog
10. Choose the right plugins
11. Too many plug-ins will slow down your blog
12. Pick your niche carefully and stick with it
13. Be passionate about what you write
14. Aim to be an expert in your niche
15. Don’t lose your credibility by faking it
16. Be accountable to what you say write
17. Posting frequency is over-rated
18. Read more than you write. Organize your RSS subscription
19. Avoid chunk of long article. Break it down into paragraph
20. Use bold headings
21. Use list
22. Write long article to get traffic
23. Picture speaks a thousand words. Use images
24. Start and end with questions whenever possible
25. Proofread twice before you publish
26. Focus on keywords in post title
27. Write for both readers and search engines
28. Your readers come first, everything else second
29. Learn the importance of keyword research
30. Being #1 on Google doesn’t necessarily brings in the traffic
31. Keywords must be searchable. Check its average search volume.
32. Don’t be afraid to link out
33. To get attention, link out to inner pages and not homepage
34. Explain What is RSS? Not everyone is tech-savvy
35. Use feedburner
36. Offer email subscription
37. Don’t display your subscribership too early
38. The first 100 is the hardest. The next 100 is easier to achieve
39. Back up your blog
40. Speed up your blog
41. Optimize your blog
42. Design matters, first impression counts
43. Get a premium theme
44. If budget isn’t an issue, get a custom theme
45. Unclutter your sidebar
46. Have an “About Me” page. It makes it more personal
47. Don’t hide behind your blog
48. Mascot is the trend but real picture improves your credibility
49. Always have a “Contact Me” page
50. Dofollow your blog to get your community off the ground
51. Promote your blog via commenting
52. Leave relevant comments. One-line comments are frowned upon
53. Get yourself a gravatar and see #48
54. Link to inner pages when commenting
55. Use Fast Blog Finder
56. Be the first to comment
57. Avoid A-list blogs when you are new as
58. No one cares about your opinion unless you are John Chow
59. Moderate your comments. Use Akismet.
60. Always reply to comments
61. Don’t underestimate the use of keywords on your comment
62. Visit your commenters’ sites. Reciprocal commenting is the key
63. Activate top commentator plugin
64. Enable “Subscribe to Comment“
65. Join my PageRank list
66. Learn the art of pin-point commenting
67. Reward your top active commenters
68. Don’t monetize too early
69. Adsense isn’t going to make you rich overnight
70. Adsense works best with organic traffic
71. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is higher on niche sites
72. Subscribers don’t click ads
73. Learn the art of affiliate marketing
74. Write product review
75. Check your stats
76. Study your popular pages and
77. Monetize those pages
78. Optimize your old articles for search traffic
79. Learn basic SEO
80. Make use of SEO tools
81. Duplicate content is a myth
82. Google sandbox is real
83. Focus on one-way link building
84. Have keywords on footer
85. Write a guest post and invite guest posters
86. Promote your blog site with article marketing
87. Learn the power of outsourcing
88. Use signature links on “dofollow” forums
89. Join Twitter and use it creatively.
90. Digg is useless
91. Use Squidoo and promote with Knol
92. Join Technorati and claim your blog
93. Make into 45n5 Top 100 list
94. Be patient. There isn’t any shortcut to blogging success.
95. Have perseverance. Your passion is your passport to success.
96. Find out what people want and help them get it.
97. For blogging tips, read ProBlogger
98. For copywriting tips, read CopyBlogger
99. For personal development tips, read Steve Pavlina
100. The ‘gurus’ are not always right
101. Create a 101 list

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Awesome tips. thanks for sharing.