Sunday, January 11, 2009

7 Ways To Get Traffic

Using Tutorials to drive traffic
Creating tutorials for popular software such as Adobe Photoshop is an easy way to drive traffic. Where should your tutorials for Adobe Photoshop be submitted.

Using Stumbleupon to drive traffic
Signing up is fast and easy, and its free. It brings in a bit of traffic over time, but not a lot. It will however help to bring in new visitors, and the benefit of getting visitors from Stumbleupon is that people who are “stumbling” are interested in finding new content, and unless your site design is totally hopeless, most “stumblers” will hang around for a minute or two, trying to discover what exactly your homepage is about.

Using RSS feeds to drive traffic
A classic approach has always been to publish your RSS to drive traffic, but there are created thousands of new blogs each day, and your content will immediately disappear in the mass of information published. Submit to every one of them.

Using niche sites to drive traffic
Posting to specific sites containing your topic will increase traffic, for a while. Several sites have the option where you can submit news items to their front page, but mostly people would complain if you are simply self-promoting without your information being particular new or interesting. drove a lot of traffic to my site early on, but their policies changed, so I stopped posting to that homepage.

Using Digg to drive traffic
A common known effect of Digg is known as the Digg Effect (also known as the Slashdot effect). This is what happens if a particular site is submitted to Digg, Slashdot or Fark or any similar type of site, and receive so much traffic their server simply gives up. This rarely happens for minor sites, but the overall effect of submitting interesting tidbits cannot be underestimated. You will receive a least a little amount of visitors if your submission is at least a little bit interesting, and you will also gain a backlink to your homepage.

Using forums /BBS’s to drive traffic
A quick way to drive traffic to your homepage is to become engaged in various forums regarding your specific niche. Do a search on Google for your particular area in which your homepage refers to, and become a member of the first 10 forums you encounter. Here you sign up and create a signature for every post you make, with a nice description and link back your homepage. Only make relevant comments, or you might be considered a spammer.

Also, most forums (at least the most well visited) have a high PR (Google PageRank) since many people link to their site, and unless they have added the “link red=nofollow” to external links, your site will gain PR from those pages. They share their high PR with all other external links, and the benefits from a SEO perspective might be limited, but the traffic driven will be very targeted and relevant and should convert a lot better.

Using link directories to drive traffic
Now, this is not in any way a new nor novel idea to drive traffic. It might not bring traffic except from random referrals from search engines
. It will take some time, and it is important to remember every link counts for the quest for the #1 spot.

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