Thursday, January 22, 2009

The 7 Best Ways To Get Traffic

There is a myth that traffic is hard to get. It is not. Traffic is traffic. It is just a click on a computer. However, good web traffic is hard to get, good web traffic that has a fair proportion of credit card wielding, want what you have got, eager buyers, well that's another story. Here are my top 7 ways to attract some of those eager beavers over to your place:

1. Advertise - No surprises here, but the opportunities on the net are pretty much limitless. Get some expert help if you don't know what you're doing, but Google Adwords is a great place to start.

Then there's banner advertising, classified ads, ads on blog networks, ads on individual sites and blogs, offline advertising in newspapers and magazines, ebay classifieds, trust me, I could on and on. This is another good place to start your advertising campaign.

The important thing to remember when buying advertising is to 'buy relevant' i.e. it is far better to have 1 visitor who wants what you have against 100 visitors who just drift on by, without so much as clicking on one of your 'call to actions' (such as your newsletter sign up, buy button etc.)

2. Buy traffic - Yep, you can buy traffic. 100,000 visitors for so much. Buyer beware. Pop under traffic needs specific offers to make it work and a lot of other 'network' traffic is a lot of rubbish.

As always, when purchasing traffic or advertising, make sure that you have adequate tracking codes in place to make sure you know where your visitors and revenue are coming from (otherwise you will make some bad judgment calls later on).

The other big tip is to buy small and test. Then if it works and only then, scale up. Last word of advice (I promise): Visitor numbers are vanity, profit is sanity.

3. Forums, comments, articles, Press releases, newsletters, tell a friend - I think I've covered most of these options elsewhere but do not underestimate the power of these strategies.

If you have Google Analytics or Fruity Plugins installed you will soon see where your traffic is coming from. One well placed forum post can do wonders for your sagging washing line of a visitor graph! Get someone to sign up to your weekly newsletter and you've got 52 opportunities to get them back to your site.

Give them a reason to do so. Don't forget one of my personal favorites, the tell a friend option. Do you have one on your site?

4. Buy existing website - Too simple really. Buy an existing web-site or a recently expired domain. Make sure they have PR, back links and existing visitors. Then either add a mini site with a link to your target site or put a 301 (permanent redirect) to your target site.

5. Recruit the best SEO expertise you can afford - Search engine optimization is a maze. A big one. Unless you're going to make a career out of it, hire someone in. It will be a heap cheaper in the long run, especially when you put your learning and 'making mistakes' time, along with the lost opportunity costs into the overall equation.

6. Build and or join a blog network - Yep, they are out there. The long way is to build your own, effectively a group of niche related blogs, all making incestuous link love to each other. Their sole purpose in life is to target your 'money site'.

Shorter routes including a buying a blog network and or joining a group of like minded blog owners, who will happily swap semi automated posts with each other.

7. Distribute link bait - This is very powerful and when done right will create riches from rags. The simple concept is to create (or buy) an ebook or piece of software that other people are then incentivized to distribute on your behalf, usually through an affiliate scheme such as Clickbank or the like.


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