Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Bookmarking Can Save Your Online Business

Search Engine Optimization is latest trend in improving the coverage of your online business; putting up a website alone doesn’t necessarily result in a successful venture -- same with putting keywords to increase its search engine coverage. You need to think outside the box and consider using links to your advantage to increase your site's traffic -- like bookmarking.

How Bookmarking Increases Your Online Traffic?

One of the concepts of SEO is to increase your page rank through the use of links. To put it simply, keywords alone will not determine your placement in search engine results. In fact, you need to consider increasing your page rank as well to make sure that you get to the top of the list and stay there to have the edge in the competition.

Publishing articles with links and submitting to Web directories are just some of strategies you can use to propagate your links on the Internet to increase your page rank. But there is another way to do it that doesn't really take all that much effort to pull off.

Bookmarking, or social bookmarking, is one way to increase the number of links you have on the Net. Bookmarking involves saving your site on a bookmarking site that can be accessed by anyone on the World Wide Web. Web spiders, search engines, networking, or even the bookmarking community are always on the lookout for feeds they can save to their own collection to increase popularity.

To put it simply, the more people who have access to your bookmarking list, the higher the possibility that they will save it on their own site -- which in turn, increase your page rank without even lifting a finger.

Start Bookmaring

When you want to try out bookmarking as an Internet marketing strategy to boost your implementation of SEO, then you might want to take it slow at first and plan it out carefully.

Start it out by checking bookmarking services on the Web. In some ways, the more bookmarking site you subscribe to and publish your links, then the bigger the possibility that your page rank will soar to amazing heights. Check each of the services offered on the Net and try to find out how to upload your links, tools you can use to simply the task, and so on.

While you're at it, you might want to publish articles that will market your products and services; and bookmark them on these sites. That way, you increase your page rank, and at the same time, appeal to the interest of your potential customers.


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