Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 Key Components to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an absolute necessity if you want your site to be easily found on the internet. By properly preparing your site you will make it easier to be located thru a search by anyone looking for the type of information, service, or product your site offers.

In order for you to best optimize your site there are 4 areas you'll need to pay special attention to. This optimization process basically involves the correct use of keywords, site labeling, content, and linking with other sites.

Let's have a look at 4 key components you'll need to address to optimize your site for the search engines:

This field should be kept short (55 - 60 characters) and should describe the main theme, intention, or content of what the site is all about. What you put here is what will show in the top bar of the window when the site is displayed. It is also the 'title' that appears when it is displayed in any search engine results.

It is important to accurately describe the site content in your title so as to not confuse the search engines. If inaccurate the title may cause you to not be listed at all in any search results.

The use of keywords throughout the text of your site content is important so that the search engines can easily locate your site. These keywords will act as 'guiding lights' for search engine spiders when seeking particular content. If your keywords are not relevant to the site content you again risk a lower search ranking or not one at all.

Be sure your keyword selection reflects your sites content. Also take time to research the popularity of the keywords selected since the most searched upon keywords will not only bring you more traffic but will also boost your search engine ranking.

Once you've selected the keywords you want to build your site around it is best to utilize them within the content in a natural and flowing way. You DO NOT want to overuse any words or phrases since it won't sound right to anyone reading the content. In addition any deliberate overuse will get you penalized by the search engines for 'keyword stuffing' resulting in lower rankings. It's best to stay within a 2% to 3 % range of keyword use within your content.

These links also referred to as link popularity reflects links that come from other websites. This generally is an indication of the relevancy and quality your site content may have to the other websites. Think of this as your online list of references that will vouch for your websites legitimacy.

These links will appear over time or as a result of particular marketing techniques you may utilize. Social tagging, article marketing, and leaving comments at forums or blogs will accelerate your link creation efforts. The more links you develop the bigger boost your search engine ranking will receive.

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