Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'Do not underestimate the value of keywords in SEO'

Businesses using search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve their websites should ensure they do not overlook keywords that seem to be less used by consumers.

This is according to Gary Reid of .net magazine, who said that marketers should consider every step of consumers' journeys from the initial search to the final transaction.

He gave the example of a website where most traffic appears to come from searches for the company's name - while this suggests that the firm's name is the main keyword to focus on, customers are likely to have conducted informational searches involving other keywords a short while previously.

"The key to SEO success is to ensure you have visibility at each point of the user's journey, so understanding the sections of the journey is essential," Mr Reid explained.

"Blindly optimising for a set of keywords you think is appropriate is a quick way to waste time and money."

According to a Search Engine Watch column by Carrie Hill of marketing firm Blizzard, small businesses should consider using keyword research tools such as Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery to pinpoint the most relevant key terms.

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