Friday, January 9, 2009

Google, Yahoo! look to boost search engine marketing

The two biggest search engines on the web are attempting to encourage more companies to integrate their offline campaigns with search engine marketing.

This is according to new media age (nma), which reports that Google and Yahoo! have recently stepped up talks with agencies and brands to persuade them to include calls to action in campaigns that ask consumers to search the web for specific terms.

Mobile operator Orange recently saw success with this tactic by asking TV viewers to "search online for I Am online" in its broadcast ads, prompting a 15 per cent surge in web traffic.

Nick Gill, head of account management at Yahoo UK, told nma that integrating search with offline campaigns in this way "makes sense" as search engines tend to be the starting point on the internet for most people.

"It's easier for consumers to remember a search call to action than a phone number or specific URL," he added.

Last year, a report from MultiMedia Intelligence suggested that call to action advertising will boom on the mobile platform as web TV becomes more popular on mobile phones.


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