Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long Tail Keywords And Its Search Engine Optimization Usage

Many Search Engine Optimization experts have used Long Tail Keywords and basically what they are, are search phrases consisting of several words. A simple example of this would be if a general keyword were ‘SEO’ then the long tail keyword phrase would be ‘How to incorporate SEO’.

Experts say that the reason behind using long tail keywords on a website is that your marketing is more effective. This is achieved through the ability of targeting specific markets. When searching for a particular topic it is more likely that searches will type in a short keyword of one or two words. However, by typing in long tail key phrases, one is able to get more specific and relevant results. This will drive these visitors to click on your website as they know precisely that your sites content contains the information they require.

Another great advantage of using longtail keywords is that there is less competition for your phrases. Most online businesses in your field will more likely use one worded keywords during search engine optimization which ultimately benefits you. However, do not fully rely on this. It is always best you do Keyword Research for long tail phrases just as you would do for keywords. This can take time but is vital.

The Long Tail Of SEO
Targeting traffic through SEO begins with keywords and key phrases, which gives you better ranking. Top ranking cannot however be achieved by all websites and it usually takes strategy and time and sometimes lots of money. In Search Engine Optimization, long tail keywords are very useful even if they generate fewer searches but receive sufficient traffic. They will not always guarantee high ranking, which is what you hope to achieve through Search Engine Optimization but you will get a good traffic flow to your website.

The best ways that long tail keywords can be incorporated onto your website so that your Search Engine Optimization can be effective is by including it in the page title and tags. Also ensure that these long tail phrases are used abundantly throughout your websites content but do not overcrowd it – all key phrases should be relevant and befitting.

Longtail Keywords Research
Selecting appropriate keywords on its own and trying to decipher what searchers are looking for is a hard enough task that requires great research. When choosing long tail keyword, in order to gain great profits, research is too required.

How one goes about researching potential long tail keywords is by using the following tools. Start by employing free services such as Wordtracker and Google’s free keyword aid. Look specifically for long tail Niche Keywords that receive ok traffic and have low competition but use quality phrases that you know people will actually search for. Little competition means that you have a better chance of entering into your niche market and although long tail key phrases is not going to instantly make you a millionaire it will get your foot in the door.


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