Friday, December 12, 2008

Choose correct keywords for search engine optimisation

Marketers wanting to maximise search engine optimisation for their websites have been urged by a commentator to take time selecting their keywords.

Writing for PC World Business Centre, Christopher Null suggested using online keyword tools to find the most popular search terms and stressed the need to optimise words that are both relevant to the site and attract traffic.

Mr Null also emphasised the importance of putting keywords in title tags, as these are given special significance by search engines.

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz also told Mr Null that keyword-optimised title tags are helpful for viewers.

Recently, Kevin Gibbons of SEOptimise listed ways in which SEO could be used along with customer interaction.

Writing for E-consultancy, he warned against misleading customers, as they could use the internet to uncover information and thus develop a bad image of the firm.

He also urged SEO providers to use their expertise and explain it properly if a customer has an inaccurate or outdated understanding of it.


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