Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little Known Secrets of SEO

Most people already understand how important SEO is to any business, but that doesn’t mean that they understand why, or that they understand everything that they need to know to be successful with SEO. There are some little known secrets that people need to pay attention to.

How often you use a keyword on your page is certainly something that you want to focus on. If you don’t know what keywords people are searching for when they find your page, find out. Then, make sure you continue to use those and related keywords.

Also, search engines look at the first paragraph and the last one, so keywords that are vital to your success need to be there. Don’t get spammy with them. They should come naturally in the sentences that you write, and they should be in each paragraph at least once. If you also put them in the meta tag, make sure that they are in the alt tag of an image that you put on the page, and put them in the title of your article as well as the body, you’ll be well on your way to complete SEO optimization.


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