Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting ready to get indexed by Google

This goes out to all the new websites out there waiting to get indexed. While many prefer to believe that all the major SEO is done after the site is launched, I would hint that if you’re able to get indexed while in the best shape, that’s quarter battle won.

We all know that there are more than one way of getting indexed on Google. So while you are getting indexed, is there anything in particular that you got to watch out for ? Indeed yes.

A couple of things.
1 – Be in good shape while you get indexed.
Page Titles, Onsite optimization and Keyword highlights – if you’re able to get it all ready in good shape even before getting indexed, it’s better. So when the Google bots enter your virgin territory, they have a good first impression. I’ve seen that rather than making changes later, it’s better if you can get them convinced in the very first place.

2 – Get the best guy to link to you.
Forget the cheap directories. They’re no good. Instead, try out a link building strategy, or device your own and bait the suitable guy in your domain to link to you. (Guy with a decent PR, Authority etc)

3 – Get the sitemap ready.
Make sure you don’t miss to publish the sitemap. Both HTML and the XML one. If they are available to welcome the robots, nothing like it, a great indexing ensured.

4 – Get the links fixed.
Make sure you leave no broken links. They’re so amateurish. Run a link checker program, and make sure you plug those holes before the bots are here.

Basically the idea is to get all the metrics to be in good shape, ready to welcome the bots and leave no room for loose ends.

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