Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Live Search offering related images option

Microsoft has announced that users looking for images via its Live Search engine can now refine results based on particular pictures.

Writing on the Live Search blog, Henry Hall and Jason Xia of Microsoft explained that while a search for Muhammad Ali would bring up portraits and action shots showing the boxer at different ages, a user looking for photos of Ali's defeat of Sonny Liston can hover the cursor over a picture of this event and choose an option to show similar images.

This will then bring up an image results page with pictures related to the original photo. The new enhancement may mean that marketers will need to refine their search engine optimisation strategies to ensure their pictures can be linked to other relevant images.

"With Live Search, you can now use images, rather than additional keyword queries, to refine a search and discover more content," Mr Hall and Mr Xia said.

Live Search also recently launched a new feature for its cashback service that lets users receive their cash instantly for certain purchases.


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