Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google Analytics needed 'for any online marketing'

All companies should use Google Analytics for their online marketing campaigns, one expert has suggested.

Rich Brooks, who runs his own internet marketing firm, explained to Maine Business readers exactly how to set up Google Analytics for their websites, claiming that it gives firms a useful insight into the behavior of their customers.

"It's a required component of any web marketing strategy," he remarked.

Once Analytics has been set up, businesses should look at the information it provides and adapt their marketing tactics accordingly, Mr Brooks recommended.

He stated that there are numerous easy-to-use guides available online for businesses looking to utilise the tool.

As well as using Google Analytics for internet marketing, firms should make sure their website's follow a consistent structure in order to help them make the most of search engine optimisation, Aaron Wall wrote for Search Engine Land last month.

By planning carefully in advance, firms can avoid filling their sites with broken links, which can hinder search engine rankings, he explained.


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