Monday, December 1, 2008

Top 10 Reasons for PPC & SEO Synergy

As we dig deeper to assess the precise impact of these synergies, we’d love your thoughts on how paid and natural search affect each other. Here’s the list:

1. Unified reporting

Having the results of paid and natural work reported in the same place helps us understand the relationship between the two better and think about a user’s complete search journey, rather than paid or natural in isolation.

2. Ad copy optimisation

Where successful copy executions reveal themselves in paid search, that learning can be transferred immediately to site optimisation for natural rankings.

3. Landing page strategy
Paid search people think about landing pages almost exclusively in terms of conversion. SEO people think about landing pages almost exclusively in terms of search engine ranking. By combining the two approaches, you should end up with the perfect landing page – one that ranks highly AND converts.

4. Management efficiency
Quite simply, if the client has their entire search strategy in one place, they only have to deal with one agency. This saves a lot of time and money in terms of communication, project management, results reporting, account management and much more.

5. Search user experience
If the same agency works on paid and natural then the user is more likely to see the same search ‘face’ whether they’re looking at organic or sponsored results. For example, ad copy, landing pages, and keyword strategy. This equates to a unified brand experience throughout their search journey

6. Risk mitigation
If a site or page, for whatever reason, drops off the organic search results (e.g. a Google algorithm update), the PPC team can immediately fill the gap until the SEO is adjusted to suit.

7. Cannibalisation
The effect of owning PPC terms where natural results already rank highly differs completely according to the brand, site, product, ranking position, competition and many other factors. When paid and natural are in the same place, these effects can be understood and accounted for.

8. Traffic forecasting
PPC search ads are a reliable and usable way of forecasting how optimising against a particular keyword might perform in terms of traffic and conversions. So wherever a natural search optimisation (NSO) forecast is needed, paid search can act as a reliable predictor.

9. Performance-sharing
The results of natural and paid campaigns contain lessons for both. Transferring the lessons from one to the other is much easier when they are housed in the same business.

10. Long-tail strategy
Often, while natural is focused on the big traffic-driving keywords, they are too expensive in PPC. At the same time, PPC can be used to drive traffic from the ‘long tail’ of keywords – e.g. misspellings – which are not usually picked up through organic search. Filling the gaps of the other is much easier when natural and paid are run in the same place.


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