Monday, December 15, 2008

SEO Guide for Beginners from Google

Is Google getting into SEO business? Well, such a move from Google would lead to a potential conflict of interest. But even Google is telling us that there’s nothing wrong with SEO, and Google’s official Webmaster Central Blog is now formally offering a free “SEO Starter Guide” with practical search engine optimization tips for new webmasters about how to improve their website’s performance in Google.

This search engine optimization guide comes in a 22-page, pdf format. Google uses the same principles inside Google for optimizing its own sites such as YouTube. This starter SEO guide from Google covers dozens of topics such as

• Title tag
• Description Meta Tag
• URL Structure
• Site Navigation
• Content Creation
• Anchor Text
• Heading Tags (H1, H2, etc.)
• Optimizing Images
• Effective of Robots.txt
• Rel=”nofollow”
• Website Promotion
• Webmaster Tools
• Web Analytics
• More Helpful Resources

The guide is well written and is aimed at new webmasters and website owners who are looking for basic training in SEO techniques. I feel it is a good guide for newbies, to cover the basics of SEO before they go for more advanced stuff.

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