Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SEO For Yahoo Small Business - 3 Tips For Productive SEO Strategy

SEO is one of the biggest phenomena to hit the world of online business in some time. It seems that many people who want to own a small business fail to realize how this single aspect of business can make or break you. If you use SEO for Yahoo small business then you can truly see a turn in profit that will keep you ahead of your competitors. You must implement some form of search engine optimization in order to ensure the profitability of your online business.

There are three things that can help you in your quest to establish a viable search engine presence.

1. Write articles an submit them to EzineArticles. You can also submit these articles to other directories, but this is by far the best in all market research that has been conducted. The great things about writing articles is that it creates high quality backlinks to your website, which will in turn produce better search engine rankings.

2. If you want to use SEO for Yahoo small business effectively, you will want to do some link exchanges with other websites in your niche. This is a vital aspect because the more links you exchange the more people will be visiting your website. If you have a great product or service to offer then this will results in a large amount of money going into your pocket. In addition, submit your website to social bookmarking sites such as Digg. This is in tune with the linking strategies, and will also improve your search engine rankings.

3. Make sure that your website is keyword rich for high traffic keywords in your niche. This means you will want to do some keyword research to make sure you are targeting keywords that have a lot of daily searches. You can do this easily by going to Google and typing in keyword tool. Google offers a free tool, and so does Wordtracker. These are both excellent tools to use and will give you an accurate forecast of the demand for a particular keyword.


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