Sunday, November 9, 2008

Can You SEO Your Site With Social Media?

It seems that social media marketing is growing in popularity while search engine optimization is shrinking. But can you do both simultaneously? Can you optimize your site with social media marketing?

One thing is for sure: You can build a certain number of inbound links with social media marketing. This won’t make your site great, but it will help. You build a profile at several social media sites and the links in your profile count as inbound links. Be sure to check and make sure that this is the case with a particular site that you want to use. Not all sites will give you link juice, but many of them do. Here’s a short list of sites you should have profiles at:

Bebo (if in the UK)

Make sure that if you set up a social media profile to go ahead and use the site. Many social media sites rise in the rankings for your profile if you use them often. Facebook and StumbleUpon do for sure.

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