Friday, November 14, 2008

What are The Benefits of Directory Submission?

Before even talking about benefits, do you know what directory submission is? It is a concept similar to the yellow pages, or directory assistance. Essentially, it gets your website listed in different web directories. Now, what are the benefits or directory submission?

Directory submission gets your website known to a wider number of people. Two web directories are Google and Yahoo. It is just like opening a phone directory. All you will see are business or personal listings arranged alphabetically. If you are looking for a certain service, it would be so easy to look it up. But did you notice that some listings are larger than others, bolder or more colorful? The business that did that had to pay more, but it is a justified expense because your eyes tend to zoom in on the large box or the bold print. Isn't it true that you normally would call that highlighted business, simply because it is bigger or bolder?

The same principle works with web directories. Submitting your website into a directory means getting your website indexed. It lets people know you exist and that you are open for business. It gets you noticed.

Another benefit of directory submission are the links. It has one way links or links exchanged with other complimentary sites. For example, if you are a website for men and their hobbies, you could have links with retailers of certain gadgets and toys, and vice versa. This can help drive more people to visit your website. Thus, it can boost your search engine optimization.

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