Thursday, November 13, 2008

SEO Web Site for Yahoo and MSN

• Good SEO Practices must be adapted.
• Discover what the search engine is searching for and optimization should be done accordingly.

We must pay attention for the 30-40 percent of other search engine market , like Yahoo and MSN. Yahoo and MSN search engines are similar in their difference with the Google search engine.

On-page factors:

MSN and Yahoo offer more importance to on-page seo web design and optimization than Google.
• Keyword number: Yahoo and MSN give more significance to the keyword number in a page than Google. The keyword density standard for Yahoo and MSN are much higher than the other search engine like Google. You should not do over the keyword density. 3%of keyword density is perfect.
• Keyword phrases must be used in the content with variations in phrases.
• Title Tags: The Title Tag includes the keyword phrase in the beginning. There is no need to write the name of the website at the title tag of every page. Just include the primary keyword phrase for the first page, following your name.
• Meta Tags: Google search engine stay away from Meta Tags but Yahoo and MSN do consider them.
• Keywords tag: It is recommended to use15 keyword phrases which are within the content and to avoid keyword spamming. MSN and Yahoo will punish for keyword spamming.
• Description tag is quite significance for Google search engine.
• Content tags (H1, H2, bullets, italics, bold) In Google, use the primary keyword phrase in H1 tags You can also use H2 and H3 tags. Keyphase can be used in italics and bold.
• Clean code: Clean code is one of the most important features of Yahoo and MSN. Your website code is clean and W3 compliant.
• Internal linking: Internal Linking plays major role in Yahoo and MSN whereas Google pays less attention to Internal Linking.

Offpage factors:

MSN and Yahoo have given significance to the number of incoming link, anchor text, but the degree on thematic link is not close to Google. Yahoo and MSN have an inclination towards the Google’s affinity with domain and the website link-aging.

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