Monday, November 24, 2008

How can CMS help in search engine optimization

If you have a sincere desire of your website showing up prominently in various search engines such as Google, CMS can really help you. However, you need to know that all CMSs are not created equally. It is important to know about the features prior to looking for any help with SEO.

Here are some ways you can achieve better search engine optimization with CMS:

The first step is to plan your SEO strategy in an effective way. Remember that no CMS will ever replace the requirement for you to have a well defined SEO.

Web address:
It is extremely important to look to the web address of every page. All should contain URLs that are human reliable. Also include plug-ins or additional modules to help make the URLs user friendly. All your URLs should be permanent, based at your organization and individually customizable.

Make sure that all your templates use clan and standard code. Try to verify that the code follows established standards in order to facilitate search engines to read it.

Meta tag customization:
It is important to look for good content management features that will facilitate all your business user to create tags separately for each page.

Site maps:
When it comes to site maps, make sure that you opt for automatically created site maps instead of the traditional ones.

Robot control:
Remember that search engine spiders are in consistent search for any kind of instructions that you might have for them in a text files. This text file is known as ‘robots.txt’. The instructions that you provide can prove to be really helpful in indicating search engines on what not to index.

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