Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 Tips To Grow Search Engine Traffic To Your Blog

1. Know your keywords

Keywords are the building blocks of a blog and web site. Naturally, you should target just one keyword per blog post. Avoid creating content just for the sake of having the keyword on your blog. You should provide valuable content and impress the visitors. Only then will they consider subscribing to your content feed.

You should be thinking about what the visitors do on your site. Optimizing the result from the same amount of traffic is as important, if not more.

2. Optimize your blog design

You will be surprised that many bloggers claim their blog themes or templates as search engine friendly because the themes were advertised as such. Spend some time to check the template to make sure it has the right title tag, order of content, heading tags and so on.

Your time will be well spent. After all, it is most likely a one-time task. It may make a difference between ranking for long tail keywords and not getting found at all.

3. Restructure your site

Theming with silos is a great way to structure and divide your blog content into subtopics. Many SEO experts represent siloing as simple tiered content. They are quite similar in a few points but nevertheless you should thinking about making your content topics obvious to search engines.

Tiered content without proper linking doesn’t help build topic on your site. For instance, you should only link to a silo (or parent) instead of children cross another silo. Good practice avoids diluting the theme of your site or blog.

That can help rankings because once search engines think your blog is related to certain subtopic, you are going to get more long tail keywords for that subtopic.

4. Gain inbound links

There is more than one way to do it, from article marketing to link baiting, blog commenting, forum marketing and so on. When you are just starting out, every little tactic matters to grow your traffic level to a few hundreds a day.

Your aim is to reach more center of influence. Once you are at this level, every new post will result in a few more backlinks to your blog.

5. Patience

As the age of your domain increases, your blog will also be considered more valuable, especially if you keep it active throughout the time.

Search engine optimization doesn’t produce flood of traffic immediately but it is often worth the effort. Giving up too early in the process is one of the biggest reasons why people fail at this.

Another thing to keep in mind is that traffic from organic search grows gradually. As you target more keywords within your content and gain more authority through backlinks, you will only grow your traffic.

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