Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Google finally pushes the PR Export!

After so many months of speculations on Google PR updates and the doubts that Google will discontinue the PR export in order to fight link sales, today we’ve finally saw the change in the green bar on all websites. Thank you G.

Today’s Google PR Export or Update (its not actually update because Google updates it dynamically every day but only exports the results in few month or sometimes a bit more) was as always one really interesting event. The one of the things that we can quickly realize is that all web directories are will lower page rank than before, but unique content websites are with a bit low amount of links scored higher pagerank than others. This most probably means that the duplicate content algo is somehow modified to capture much more spam than ever before (which is something rather expected)

Also another really interesting and also expected outcome was that due to the progressive expanding of the web, all page rank values require more and more links to be achieved. Now for pr 3 you need more than 2.5k link popularity, pr 4 more than 5 to 20k links and pr 6 > 150k. Note that this is LINK POPULARITY not links only which is relatively the number of actual links since most search engines don’t show the real value.

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