Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Importance of SEO in the current economy

As the news is full of stories about the economy it’s more important than ever to make the most of your website and it’s potential.

More and more consumers and businesses are being discerning about the services that they use and who they buy from. This means that making the most of your website is key to being in pole position to get the sale.

1. Make the most of your blog, publicise your special offers and deals. Pay attention to the long tail searches people are performing at the moment and blog about them.
Make sure that your SEO is working for you, optimise the site to perform well for your core business.

2. Be adaptable, ask your customer what aspects of your service they value/why they chose you – doing this will enable you to focus on these areas. If most of your customers value one aspect of your service making sure you promote yourself on this benefit will help get more customers.

3. The key thing to remember is that neglecting your internet marketing now will have an impact on your business. Being at the forefront of people’s mind and searches on the internet will help you make the most of the potential customers while things are quieter but will also give you a head start on your competitors when the economy begins to recover, rather than having to start from scratch at this point.

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