Sunday, November 23, 2008

Google launches search engine marketing keyword tool

Google has launched a new application that helps paid search advertisers to pinpoint the key terms consumers use to search for their products.

The Search-based Keyword Tool has been released in the UK and US in beta format and looks at the content of the user's website to determine the most common search queries for that site.

These keywords can then be used by businesses in their paid search engine marketing campaigns or to refine their operations based on popular consumer search trends.

Writing on the Inside AdWords blog, Trevor Claiborne of Google said: "This new tool gives you keywords that are highly relevant to your site but are not part of your AdWords campaigns. This helps you take advantage of missed opportunities."

The news comes shortly after Wordtracker released a new tool allowing users to type in a keyword and see all of the related questions that consumers have previously entered into search engines, something that could help businesses to refine their website copy, according to the company.

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