Monday, November 3, 2008

Internet Marketing Strategies to Research Your Competition’s Traffic, SEO and PPC

When it comes to assessing your competition, knowing where to look, why to look and what to look for matters when initiating an SEO or Internet Marketing campaign. Marketing and competitive research can save you weeks and months of trial an error if implemented properly.

Using the right internet marketing strategies to research your competitors traffic, SEO and PPC efforts allows you to save time to market and look for inherent holes in their tactics.

Let’s take PPC for example, if optimized properly to represent your content, keywords and objectives for your landing pages, this can be a wonderful method to generate traffic and sales. But why pay each time someone discovers your link and call to action.

Considering that 8 out of 10 people click organic search results anyway, why are you paying for 100%of the traffic volume. Granted, each tactic has its place, the only reason an organic SEO company would employ Pay per click | (PPC) marketing, is to test the waters of conversion before settling on optimizing a group of exact, broad match or related keywords.

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