Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is Link Bait?

Link Bait is a very clever way of gaining links for you website from seemingly irrelevant subjects and topics. Link baiting is basically writing an article about something that many people may be interested in and will want to share with other internet users, they will share the article by linking to the original website and it is for these links that link bait is written.

Link bait can be written about everything, but truly great link bait is informative, true to facts and also quickly published, before other articles about the subject are written. Below are a few things that link bait articles are commonly about and in what form they come in.

Informative worms
This type of link bait informs people about things that they find useful and informative, for example, a ‘How to’ article, or a top ten article.

News/ current affair worms
By writing an article and publishing is immediately after a news story breaks, you have given an article relating to a topic, for the search engines to present for all queries relating to that story. It must be factual and unique, otherwise all of the hard work that the link bait has done will be taken away by the search engines as better articles get published.

Funny worms
A comical article, image or video is a fantastic way of getting your website known and a great way of gaining links for your website. Viral e-mails containing such link bait can be around the world within days and is a brilliant way of getting your link bait viewed by as many people as possible.

Bad worms
Bad link bait, isn’t necessarily bad for the website, it just refers to controversial content and topics that may spark a bit of anger. However, these types of articles can generate huge amounts of links and traffic, but also generate a reputation and somewhat taint the website (with bad blood/ content), you have to see if it is worth it.

Link bait is a brilliant way of gaining links from subjects that you would not usually be associated with and when link bait is done well, it can gain a website many links that it would otherwise of not had.

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